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CD01 - Chalk Dust


Product Description

What is Chalk Paint? Chalk Paint applies to surfaces so much easier than regular latex paint. It eliminates the need for sanding and priming the surface you wish to paint. It turns any surface into a chalkboard or allows the piece to take on a vintage look when distressed and stained. What types of surfaces can be painted with Chalk Paint? Chalk paint allows you to paint almost ANYTHING!... it adheres to wood, plastic, metal, glass, fabric, ceramic....its MAGIC! How much Chalk it Up Chalk Dust do I need to add to my paint? The ratio is 2 parts paint to 1 part Chalk Dust. Simply mix in the powder to the paint and stir til smooth. If you are going to distress the item being painted lumps will all sand away upon finishing. The Chalk it Up Chalk Dust box is enough powder to mix up over 3 quarts of paint. You can mix up small batches or a lot at once depending on your project. What kind of paint do I need to use with Chalk it Up Chalk Dust? Any Latex paint is recommended... any brand and any colour. We recommend that you use flat, semi gloss, satin or eggshell finish. High gloss paint is not recommended. What if the paint is too thin or thick? Different paints may have a slightly different consistency. So if you want a thinner paint simply add a bit of water but don't add too much or it will defeat the purpose and make the paint not a true chalk paint thus causing you to have to paint additional coats. If the paint is too thin simply add a bit more Chalk Dust until you get a nice buttery consistency. Does the Chalk Dust change the color of the paint? NO. The chalk dust dissolves into the paint and retains its colour. Do I need to prep the piece I want to paint? Other than making sure the item is clean....in most cases you can simply go ahead and paint away. If you are painting a highly glossy item you may want to pre-sand slightly. How many coats will it take? Usually just one....In some cases knots in wood may bleed through. If this happens simply touch up these areas. How do I achieve the vintage distressed look? By adding a thick coat of Chalk Paint to a piece and using a hair dryer to dry it quickly, a cracking effect will happen. Simply sand & stain and if you wish, rub with a wax or stain. You can also do a double paint technique by painting the piece one colour first, letting it dry then paint another colour over top. Once dry, sand so that both colours are revealed and then proceed to stain the piece. Experiment....Its very forgiving to work with this magic stuff. Mixing Formulas 2oz craft paint....... 1 Tsp Chalk it Up Chalk Dust... 1Tsp water...... 1 2oz bottle latex paint Pint....... 4 Tbsp Chalk it Up Chalk Dust... 2Tbsp water...... 1 pint latex paint Quart...... 8 Tbsp Chalk it Up Chalk Dust... 4Tbsp water...... 1 quart latex paint 1 Cup paint.....2 Tbsp Chalk it Up Chalk Dust... 1Tbsp water...... 1 cup latex paint NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12 Net Weight 575 g

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